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Galerie Louise Smit

Monica Cecchi

Intervista con Monika Zampa, direttore della Galerie Louise Smit ad Amsterdam. / Interview with Monika Zampa, Director, Galerie Louise Smit, Amsterdam.

Twenty-five years of activity, 25 years of contemporary jewellery for Galerie Louise Smit. How do you describe the main characteristics of your gallery in the international panorama?

The gallery stands as a significant symbol within the historic development of contemporary jewellery in the Netherlands and worldwide. It acts as a crucial point where the highest quality of work within the contemporary jewellery can be seen. Our jewellery selection combines a steady group of established international artists and a growing segment of promising young talents. We strongly believe in the emerging young talents, and welcome them in the gallery. We exhibit around 40 artists from the Netherlands and abroad (amongst them artists from Japan, Russia, Israel, Czech Republic, Portugal, Germany etc).

Christel van der Laan

It seems to me that this past year you have increased the initiatives of the gallery: beside the exhibitions there is a newsletter, conferences with the artists… Do you think that the role and the mission of contemporary jewellery galleries have changed?

Yes that’s correct. Since September 2011 I became the new representative of the gallery. I  have increased the gallery’s visibility on the internet and added some new activities. My aim is: striving to introduce the field of contemporary jewellery, as an art form, to a wider public and  to get younger people being interested in the contemporary jewellery. I am using a variety of media, which are very attractive to the younger generation (facebook, newsletters, new events called “Meet the artist”, the new website…).

The new website has a fresh look, focusing on the visual aspects It is easy and transparent to view. It includes videos, ebooks, and other aspects related to jewellery where bloggers and others can advertise on the side for free (coming out in 2 weeks)

Meet the Artist is a new event, where the public can meet a young artist personally at the gallery and learn about his/her latest work, drives and passions in art. The atmosphere is strictly informal atmosphere, with music and home made cooking (prepared by me)J and it’s lots of fun.

The newsletter has regular updates of what is going on in the gallery and introduces new artists, videos and ebooks. It’s very visual.

The world is different now than it was 25 years ago, with the introduction of internet and social media; the speed of informational distribution is crucial. In order to be in the centre, the galleries MUST adapt to the current market.

Nora Rochel

Do you think that the economic situation also influences the client/ collector’s choice. His/her personal “taste”?

No, I do not think that taste is influenced by the current economic market. Taste stays the same. What changes is the clients choice of timing, what to buy and when. People are much more cautious with a potential purchase. Taking their time to consider if the new piece fits into their private collection or not.

Timothy Information Ltd

Generally speaking do you think that contemporary jewellery as an art form is still reserved for the “select few” or do you think that is becoming an art form appreciated by the public at large?

Based on my experience at international fairs and from the gallery, the general public does appreciate the art of conceptual jewellery. They are truly fascinated by the form, color, playfulness, choice of material and creativity of the jewellery. Conceptual art jewellery is a relatively new art field, a larger population of art lovers is unaware of the conceptual jewellery art form. We – the field – need some serious marketing, making it more trendy and accessible.

Beppe Kessler

Regarding Collect, which artists of the 2012 edition would you highlight? And what pieces do you find particularly exciting to exhibit?

It is a difficult question for me to answer, as I stand behind and promote all my artists equally! There will be many excellent pieces shown at our stand. To highlight the few I would like to present (mostly young artists). Réka Fekete makes large wall objects and jewellery size sculptures, very playful; Jasmin Matzakow creates beautiful and precise dedication to material… wood; Dana Hakim has extraordinary attention to detail and uses material from music boxes; Nolia Shakti focuses on concept consumerism, using Nespresso capsules and gold; Christel van der Laan is a Dutch artist living in Australia who uses sharp colors/shapes of the land; Timothy Information Ltd. is a London based artist with anarchistic view; Monica Cecchi is an Italian artist who uses tin in an amazing way; Doris Betz has had a long term dedication to silver as her main material; Nora Rochel focuses on the sustainable flower world; Beppe Kessler makes wearable balsa sculptures.

Nolia Shakti

Valeria Accornero

I am a journalist with a passion… in this online space I describe what I see and what I love about contemporary jewellery: its artists, the art works and the places. I share my personal notes, creating a sort of "newspaper" of what I recon is most worthy

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