Schmuck 2012 – Inglesi, francesi, austriaci / English, French and Austrian artists

italy Ed ecco a voi: 9 London Makers con A in R; 8together che arrivano da Vienna e il collettivo francese Gla con Jewellery. Tutto da guardare.
united kingdom Here 9 London Makers presenting A in R; 8together artists from Vienna and the French group Gla presenting an exhibition called Jewellery from words.
Jewellery from words

A in R- Isabelle Busnel

A in R

A in R - Elizabeth Auriol Peers


8together - Michelle Kraemer

8together - Viktoria Münzker

Gla - Jewellery from words

Gla - Laurence Verdier

Gla - Aude Medori

Valeria Accornero

I am a journalist with a passion… in this online space I describe what I see and what I love about contemporary jewellery: its artists, the art works and the places. I share my personal notes, creating a sort of "newspaper" of what I recon is most worthy

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